Career Opportunities

gth & Associates is an executive search firm that has been operating for almost 30 years, specializing in construction.

We have earned our reputation by working with Construction Leaders and top construction talent confidentially. We take people’s careers seriously and work hard not to waste the time of the client nor the candidate.

Below are listing of our construction career opportunities.

Last Updated:  September 12th, 2017

Job ID Position / Title Location
1030002 Senior Superintendent Sacramento
1030003 Senior Superintendent LA County
1030004 Senior Superintendent San Diego
1030005 Senior Superintendent Palmdale
1030006 Senior Superintendent Northern CA
1030007 Senior Superintendent Sacramento
1030008 Senior Superintendent Los Angeles
1030009 Senior Superintendent Orange County
1030010 Project Engineer West Los Angeles
1030011 Assistant Project Manager South Orange County
1030012 Project Manager Hollywood
1030013 Assistant Project Manager San Fernando Valley
1030014 Project Manager Riverside County
1030015 Project Manager Santa Anna
1030016 Project Manager Santa Clarita
1030017 Project Manager West Los Angeles
1030018 Project Manager Long Beach
1030019 Project Manager Long Beach
1030020 Project Executive SoCal
1030021 Project Executive SoCal
1030022 Director SoCal