10 Comfiest Fancy Heels for Your Formal Valentine's Date and Beyond

These sandals offer more stability and support than stilettos, making them a comfortable choice for a night out.

Block Heel Sandals:

Wedge heels provide height and style while offering more even weight distribution, reducing strain on your feet.

Wedge Heels:

With a small, slender heel, kitten heels offer a touch of elegance without the discomfort of higher heels.

Kitten Heels:

Platform heels have a thick sole under the front of the foot, providing more cushioning and making them easier to walk in.

Platform Heels:

Classic pumps with a lower heel height are both sophisticated and comfortable for long wear.

Heel Pumps:

Ankle straps can provide extra support and stability, especially if you're not used to wearing heels.

Heels with Ankle Straps:

Look for heels with cushioned insoles or memory foam for added comfort.


Peep toe heels allow for more room and breathability, reducing the likelihood of discomfort.

Peep Toe Heels:

Slingback heels have a strap around the back of the heel, providing extra support and stability.

Slingback Heels:

Choose heels with embellishments like beads or crystals, which can add glamour without sacrificing comfort.

Embellished Heels: