10 dishes celebrating spring vegetables

Creamy risotto made with Arborio rice and fresh asparagus spears, finished with Parmesan cheese and a squeeze of lemon.

Asparagus Risotto:

A vibrant green soup made with fresh peas, leeks, vegetable broth, and a touch of cream, blended until smooth.

Spring Pea Soup:

A medley of spring vegetables such as carrots, radishes, and baby potatoes, tossed with olive oil, garlic, and herbs.

Roasted Spring Vegetables:

Fresh fava beans mashed with mint, lemon juice, and olive oil, served on toasted baguette slices.

Mint Crostini:

A savory quiche filled with spring vegetables such as asparagus, peas, and spinach, mixed with eggs, cream, and cheese.

Vegetable Quiche:

Fresh artichokes trimmed and halved, then grilled until tender and served with a lemon garlic aioli for dipping.

Grilled Artichokes

A colorful stir-fry made with a mix of spring vegetables such as snap peas, bell peppers, and broccoli, sautéed with garlic and ginger.

Vegetable Stir-Fry:

Fresh peas tossed with chopped mint, feta cheese, and a lemon vinaigrette, served over mixed greens.

Minted Pea Salad:

Linguine or fettuccine pasta tossed with a mix of spring vegetables such as cherry tomatoes, zucchini.

Spring Vegetable Pasta

A sweet and tart dessert made with fresh rhubarb, topped with a crumbly mixture of oats, flour, butter, and brown sugar, baked until golden and bubbly.

Rhubarb Crisp: