10 Exercises to Perfect Your Squat

Bodyweight Squats: Practice proper squat form without weights to focus on technique and range of motion.

Goblet Squats: Hold a dumbbell or kettlebell at chest level while squatting to improve balance and core strength.

Front Squats: Cross your arms to hold a barbell in front of your shoulders, challenging your core and upper body while squatting.

Overhead Squats: Hold a barbell or dumbbells overhead while squatting to improve shoulder mobility and stability.

Bulgarian Split Squats: Stand with one foot elevated behind you and squat with the other leg, targeting one leg at a time for balance and strength.

Box Squats: Squat onto a box or bench to focus on proper depth and form, helping to prevent squatting too low or rounding your back.

Wall Squats: Lean against a wall while squatting to ensure proper alignment of your knees, hips, and back.

Resistance Band Squats: Use a resistance band around your thighs to engage your glutes and improve hip stability.

Pistol Squats: Squat on one leg with the other extended in front of you, challenging balance, strength, and flexibility.

Paused Squats: Pause at the bottom of your squat to improve strength and control in the bottom position.