10 Indoor Plants That Won’t Break the Bank

Spider Plant: Known for its air-purifying qualities and easy care, this plant produces spiderettes that dangle from the mother plant, giving it a unique look.

Snake Plant: Also a great air purifier, the snake plant is very resilient and can thrive in low light and with infrequent watering.

Pothos: A popular choice for beginners, pothos plants are known for their trailing vines and tolerance for low light and irregular watering.

ZZ Plant: With its shiny, dark green leaves, the ZZ plant can thrive in various light conditions and is drought-tolerant.

Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum spp.): This plant features elegant white flowers and is known for its ability to improve indoor air quality.

Aloe Vera: Not only does aloe vera have medicinal properties, but it's also easy to care for, requiring infrequent watering and bright, indirect light.

Chinese Evergreen: Available in various shades of green, silver, and red, Chinese evergreens are adaptable to different light conditions and are low maintenance.

Parlor Palm: This small palm species is perfect for adding a tropical touch to your space and can thrive in low light.

Spiderwort: Spiderwort plants are known for their vibrant, trailing foliage and can thrive in a variety of conditions.

Cast-iron Plant: True to its name, the cast-iron plant is extremely resilient and can tolerate low light, infrequent watering, and neglect.