7 Delicious Pie Recipes You'll Love

Chicken Pot Pie

This classic recipe feeds six people and is ideal for a family meal. The chicken is poached in stock until meltingly soft, after which the liquid is thickened to form the sauce.

Beef And Cheese Pie

Here's a unique beef pie recipe. The beef is slowly cooked in stock and ale before being placed to a pie dish. Slices of Cheddar are piled over the beef, which is then covered with a sour cream pastry cap.

Chicken Tikka Masala Pie

This winning meal combines two British classics, creamy chicken tikka masala and the modest pastry pie, and is all about comfort. The chicken needs time to marinade so that the flavors can show through, and the pastry is homemade.

Mushroom And Spinach En Croûte

This stunning vegetarian main course is sure to impress. A mixture of garlicky spinach and sautéed mushrooms blended with rich ricotta, Gruyère, and eggs is wrapped in all-butter puff pastry.

Mushroom And Cheese Pie

This beautifully hearty, cheesy pie highlights Västerbotten, a flavorful, durable Swedish cheese that might be substituted with aged Cheddar or Comté instead.

Beef And Potato Curry Pie

This dish is what pies are all about: it's nutritious, satisfying, and inexpensive. It's packed with vegetables and lots of flavor, due to the spices.

Italian Ham And Cheese Pie

Two sheets of puff pastry surround a tomato, ham, and cheese filling in this Tuscan pie, which is commonly served for breakfast.

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