7  Scientifically Proven Happiness Approaches


The American Psychological Association defines this popular term as “process of adaptation to adversity”.

Overcoming Challenges

In particular, it's about overcoming life's hardships by recovering swiftly and learning from them rather than letting them crush you.

Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is another 'Psychology Today' strategy. This helps us appreciate life and people without sacrificing critical thinking.

Focus On The Positive

Focusing on the good rather than the bad helps us appreciate life and cope with challenging circumstances.


No longer must charity be shown to help personal development!Making others happy will make you happy, so help others, practice selflessness, and do what matters to you.


Well-being expert says thankfulness, like positive thinking, may improve social relationships and memories.

A Daily Workout

Every morning and evening, think about or write down pleasant things to cultivate thankfulness.

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