7 Simple Joy Filled Living Guidelines

Satisfied, Not Full

Ayurveda advises eating till three-quarters full, not 100%. Overeating produces free radicals, unstable chemicals that build up in cells and destroy other molecules.

Chew Your Food

Chewing helps your body absorb and use nutrients by breaking down meals.It also boosts digestive enzymes. Chewing is powerful because it lets you taste your meal.

Avoid Cold And Iced Drinks

Imagine a cold drink to your digestion's fire. Anything that cools that fire hinders digestion.

Distraction Free Eating

Eating while watching TV/working/chatting increases the risk of overeating and poor chewing. Missing out on the nourishing sensation of eating makes it harder for your body to absorb meals.

Avoid Snacking

Intermittent eating can disrupt digestion because your body needs at least three hours to digest a meal.

Cook And Eat Lovingly

Remember to provide your body energy through your meals. Think positively, converse or sing to your food, and visualize how each ingredient benefits your body.

Eat Dessert Before Supper

Ayurvedic practice suggests eating sweets before meals, not after. Since sweets are absorbed first, your body will halt digesting other foods.

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