7 Ways To Eliminate Smells In Your House

Chopping boards are used for pungent foods such raw meat, garlic, herbs, and fish. Is it any wonder that unsanitary kitchen tools smell?

Disinfect Cutting Boards

A musty odor in the bathroom can signify mold and wetness, so it should not be overlooked. Worse, if the odor resembles that of cat pee, it may indicate hazardous toxic mould.

Bathroom Smell Of Pee?

The most contentious family job is rubbish removal. However, it's necessary and must be done periodically to avoid a lingering smell.

Empty The Kitchen Bin Regularly

When several shoes are piled up in a hallway, the cheesy foot stench is concentrated.

Clean And Dry Shoes

Dirty dishwashers work less efficiently and may leave an odor on tableware. If you hear a pong and dirt remains on dishes after cleaning, your dishwasher may need a DIY MOT.

Deep Clean Dishwasher

It may be time to clean out your fridge if it smells bad when you enter. Food that smells bad is expired or rotting.

Avoid A Peculiar Fridge Scent

Dogs sleep 12–14 hours every day. Dog beds can get dirty, moist, and smelly after all those great walks in the rain, mud, or snow.

Get Rid Of Pet Beds

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