7 Well Known Foods That Were Prohibited

Pasteurized 'raw almonds' are sold in the US. Raw almonds are banned because they may contain salmonella, which can cause fever, diarrhea, and stomach pains.

Raw Almonds

Konjac-based jelly sweets are banned in the EU, Australia, and other nations because they pose choking hazards, especially for youngsters.

Jelly Treats

In 1992, Singapore banned chewing gum, taking street cleaning to new heights.

Chewing Gum

Singapore has other foods that can get you in trouble besides gum. Poppy seeds don't make you high, however they may contain opiates.

Poppy Seeds

Southeast Asia loves this unusual fruit, despite its scent. The smell remains and has been characterized as rotting onions, gym socks, sewage, and decomposing flesh.

The Durian Fruit

To highlight Italy's rich food culture, Verona's authorities banned new kebab restaurants and other fast food establishments and required food offered in the UNESCO-listed city to be truly Italian.


Ketchup has caused many food disputes. It was banned from elementary school meals in France and club canteens in the UK by some Premier League managers.


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