8 Frequent Blunders That Could Worsen Dry Lips

Lack Of Cold Protection

Due to low humidity, high winds, and central heating, cold weather can worsen dehydration. Unfortunately, these cold-weather negative effects affect our lips.

Too-Occlusive Lip Balm

For dry lips, lip balms with high petroleum content (Vaseline) may not be the best choice.

Matte Lipsticks

Instead of making lips feel smooth and velvety, matte lipstick formulators focus on developing a powerful pigment that lasts for hours.

You Lick Them

When our lips are dry and tight, we lick them to relieve the pressure, but it's not a long-term cure. Stop licking your lips, saliva enzymes break down the lip lipid barrier.

Not Treating Them Overnight

Daily lip care is challenging due to cold weather, central heating, and UV radiation, which dry them out.

You Are A Smoker

We don't believe anyone will be surprised to learn that smoking is bad for your overall health, but it can also be a major cause of dry lips.

Your Diet Needs Improvement

Beauty begins from the inside out, therefore eat well to increase your chances of having soft, smooth lips.

Incorrect Toothpaste

Though stupid, toothpaste can affect how your lips look and feel. Many recipes contain sulphates, found in shampoo and shower gel.

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