8 Fruits Loaded With Vitamin C

A classic source, one medium orange can provide about 70 mg of Vitamin C, meeting the daily recommended intake.


This small fruit packs a big punch, offering more Vitamin C per gram than oranges. One kiwi can provide about 71 mg of Vitamin C.


Delicious and nutritious, a cup of strawberries can offer approximately 85 mg of Vitamin C, along with fiber and antioxidants.


Tropical and tasty, a cup of pineapple chunks provides about 79 mg of Vitamin C, plus enzymes that aid digestion.


A cup of papaya contains about 88 mg of Vitamin C. Papayas also contain an enzyme called papain that aids in digestion.


A single guava can offer about 126 mg of Vitamin C, far exceeding the daily requirement, along with dietary fiber.


Just one-half cup of acerola cherries provides a staggering 822 mg of Vitamin C, making it one of the highest known sources.

Acerola Cherries

One cup of sliced mangoes delivers about 60 mg of Vitamin C. They're also rich in vitamin A, promoting eye health.


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