Body Breakout Prevention And Treatment

Causes Of Body Breakouts?

Like facial acne, oil, filth, and bacteria-clogged pores can produce patches elsewhere on your body.


Folliculitis, which inflames hair follicles, causes acne-like blemishes on buttocks and legs. Sweaty workouts and sitting can contribute.

Sebaceous Glands

Sebaceous gland oil can induce body acne, much like on the face. These glands are more common on the chest and back, making them more susceptible to breakouts.


Multiple, often hidden variables induce breakouts. Stress and hormonal fluctuations can cause body acne.

Scented Goods

Poor diet, perfumed skin creams, tight clothes, and laundry detergent might cause breakouts.

Hydrate And Avoid Junk Food

Drinking enough of water and avoiding processed, sugary foods helps your skin fight acne.

Shower ASAP

Take a shower right after a workout, if possible at the gym. If you can't shower, change out of your sweaty attire after working out.

Check Your Detergent

Washing your workout gear regularly is crucial for you and others, but use sensitive skin detergents and softeners.

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