Boost Your Energy Levels With These Nutritious Snacks

The carbs you eat have a direct impact on your blood glucose levels, and thus how energized you feel. Foods with a high glycemic index (GI) deliver a sudden burst of energy, whereas low GI foods provide more sustained energy.

Not Just Any Carb

According to studies, three meals per day, plus a snack if necessary, are recommended to keep energy levels stable.

No Skipping Meals

Oats are a low-GI grain that releases sugars into your system over a slower period than refined carbs such as white bread and many breakfast cereals.

Porridge Power

Aim to fill one-third of your plate with fruits and vegetables. "Do not undervalue the potential of fruits and vegetables to increase vitality.

Pack All The Fruits And Vegetables

Vitamin C helps with weariness in a variety of ways. It improves the uptake of anaemia-protective iron from your diet, is involved in regular energy-releasing metabolism, and helps maintain the immune system healthy.

Vitamin C-Rich Foods

Tuna is a high-protein food (other options include chicken, shrimp, and Quorn). A protein-rich lunch is always a smart idea to help reduce the afternoon energy decline.

Eat Tuna For Lunch

Standard potatoes have a high glycemic index (GI), so the body digests them quickly, causing blood sugar and insulin levels to rise and subsequently drop. Sweet potatoes have a much lower GI, offering a more consistent source of energy.

Sweet Potatoes

Both white and wholegrain pastas have a low GI due to the complex structure of the carbs, which the body can only digest slowly.

Chilled Pasta Boost

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