Costco's Bakery Introduced 'Light & Fluffy' Bread

From Country French Bread to baguettes, Costco's bakery section has many popular breads. However, users are buzzing over a new bread the retailer has introduced.

Laura Lamb of the Costco fan account @costcohotfinds found this new Multigrain Bread late last week. The substantial loaves have a rich golden brown crust and are prepared with sesame, golden flax, sunflower, and oats.

Lamb called the bakery "light and fluffy." on Instagram on Feb. 24. In Lamb's post's comments, several Costco consumers oohed over the loaves.

"Yum! I'll check my local Costco!" said a devotee. "Looks great," said another.To clarify, numerous commenters stated that their local Costco warehouses have sold Multigrain Bread loaves for some time

The fact that it's apparently coming at other places for the first time suggests restricted bakery item availability.

Lamb found the loaves at Costco for $7.99 in two-packs. As with other Costco bakeries, costs may vary by location. Members interested in trying Multigrain Bread can contact their local warehouse for price and availability.

Since 2024, Costco has introduced many interesting new bakery products, including the Multigrain Bread. New Kirkland Signature White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies were released this month to rave reviews.

"These were so soft that they literally melted in my hands, and let me tell you, it's hard to eat just one," Lamb wrote about the new bakery dish.

Costco introduced an almost six-pound Cherry Topped Cheesecake in late January. The dessert has sour cream, cheesecake, cherries, and a white buttercream ring. Other new bakery offerings at Costco since the new year include Triple Chocolate Cream Pie and Cookies 'N Cream Mini Cakes.

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