Eating Disorder Warning Indicators

Some eating disorder signs will be obvious: in most cases, quick and excessive weight loss should raise red flags.

Rapid, Severe Weight Loss

Bulimia is characterized by significant lengths of time spent in the restroom following meals.


Eating disorders, like many other psychiatric diseases, exhibit a wide spectrum of symptoms. No two patients will behave identically.

Symptoms Are Rarely Uniform 

Many eating disorders begin with negative or obsessive ideas about body size or shape.

Negative And Obsessive Thinking

Negative self-talk, poor body image, and misinterpreting statements to indicate something negative about one's body are all classic indications of a developing eating disorder.

Negative Self-Talk 

Cynthia Bulik, an eating disorders specialist at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, describes a syndrome known as "exercise anorexia."

Exercise Anorexia 

Eating in public makes you feel self-conscious or humiliated, which is unhealthy. No one should feel criticized or observed while eating in public. This indicates anxious eating.

Anxiety Over Eating

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