Economically Prepare Your Kids For Life With These Simple Tips

We earn our money, and the bank holds it. If we don't teach youngsters what money is, they'll think they can receive more from the bank.

From Whence Money Comes

Children don't comprehend that money is finite when parents always have cash or coins in their pockets.

Money Doesn't Grow On Trees

Explain taxes to your kids gently, but as they become older, make sure they understand how paying taxes affects their education, healthcare, etc.

Taxes Matter

Small children should know that money doesn't grow on trees, therefore teens should manage their pocket money for their needs and wants.

Budgeting Rocks

Most parents and grandparents save for their kids. While saving for significant adult needs is crucial, investing directly into a savings account won't help kids learn.

Important To Save For The Future

When your child has saved enough for something they desire and reached their savings goal, help them find the greatest price.

It's Crucial To Compare Prices

Even grownups struggle with compound interest. Good news: there are great online calculators to help you grasp and explain the phrase to your child.

Compound Interest Increases Wealth

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