8 Healthy Eating Mistakes You Should Always Ignore

The Right Way To Eat

The blood sugar and insulin reactions to bananas, muffins, and bread vary by person, according to a 2019 study.

Hard Science Behind Your 'Five A Day'

The WHO recommends eating 14oz (400g) of non-starchy fruits and vegetables per day, or five portions.

Chocolate Spots

Hormones and sebaceous glands in the skin create acne, not nutrition. Poor diets high in refined carbs may increase spot-triggering hormones and acne.

Don't Chew Or Swallow Gum

Gum addicts can keep chewing without harming their health. You can chew xylitol gum without swallowing it, and it's beneficial for your teeth.

The Best Iron Source Is Spinach

Scientists overestimated spinach's iron content when they first analyzed it. Despite being less iron-rich than expected, the leafy green wins.

Only Water Hydrates Correctly

Tea, coffee, soft drinks, juices, and high-water foods like fruit and vegetables will keep you hydrated.

Coffee Harms You

Coffee isn't a carcinogen, as nutritionists believed. Coffee phytochemicals may lessen cancer risk, according to Research.

Sugar Hyperactivates Kids

Most of us have seen kids bounce off walls at parties, so this one seems likely. Sugar does not produce hyperactivity, as demonstrated in the 1990s.

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