How Stress Can Benefit You

Stress Increases Brain Growth

In a 2013 research on rats, being locked in their cages for a few hours quadrupled brain cell growth and boosted memory.

Stress May Boost Memory

Stressed events are remembered better. A specific situation can be remembered with modest stress.This is crucial to our species' evolution. You're more likely to avoid harmful situations if you recall them.

You Can Gain Energy From Stress

Good stress, or "eustress," can enhance vitality. Positive stress stimulates the body and mind.

Stress May Boost Immunity

Sufficient eustress can prevent illness, but prolonged stress can kill.A study found that tolerable life stress may boost psychobiological tolerance to oxidative damage.

Your Kids May Benefit From Stress

Sometimes acute stress is healthy for the fetus, yet being pregnant can be stressful.A study indicated that “mild to moderate levels of maternal psychological stress during pregnancy may actually enhance fetal maturation.”

Stress Aids Concentration

Yes, enough stress can put you “in the zone.” Running a marathon or taking an exam are stressful events that need focus and performance.

Confidence From Stress

Your heart beating before public speaking? Chemical rush in your body? Stress-induced mechanisms meant to help you achieve. The latter will use these stress responses instead of merely feeling overwhelmed.

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