How To Make Your Commute Joyful

Texts And Emails

If your work inbox is overflowing with texts and emails, one of the greatest ways to maximize your commute time is to catch up. If you do this, you will be less likely to feel overwhelmed during your workday.

Make A Telephone Call

As long as it's safe (i.e. hands-free when driving, bicycling, etc.), commuting is the ideal opportunity to catch up with loved ones, such as your mother or a close friend you haven't spoken to in a while.


Use your commuting time to simply relax. It might help you start your day with greater positivity and energy for the tasks ahead. Listen to music while sipping your coffee, or simply appreciate the surroundings in silence.

Dress Smartly

If you want to take public transportation, keep in mind that the weather might be unpredictable. Layers are essential for staying comfortable on the bus if the temperature rises or the air conditioning becomes too cold.

Practice Self Care

If you have some free time during your commute, use it to practice self-care. Bring a notepad or notebook to record your daily goals, tasks, and other preparations for the day ahead.

Mix It Up

Take a different route to change the scenery. This will prevent your regular commute from becoming monotonous. Plug enter your address into your map app and you might get a faster route home.

Practice And Acquire New Talents

Get your phone or iPad out and do something useful, even work-related. It's an excellent opportunity to practice the skill you've always wanted to improve.

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