Important Facts About Vitamin B12 Insufficiency

Low vitamin B12 intake reduces red blood cell formation, lowering energy levels. Early indicators of insufficiency include confusion, weakness, and exhaustion.

Weakness And Tiredness

If you eat primarily plant-based foods, you are at risk of developing B12 deficiency. Vegetarians who eat eggs and dairy should consume at least one of these products per day.

Vegetarians Are At Risk

Heavy drinking can promote gastritis, or stomach lining irritation, resulting in decreased stomach acid and limited B12 absorption. Furthermore, B12 is stored in the liver, and drinking can decrease its function.

Heavy Drinking Raises The Odds

Women who use birth control pills for an extended period of time likely to have difficulty absorbing vitamin B12. Pills high in estrogen are more strongly linked to B12 deficiency.

Birth Control Pills Can Cause It

As you get older, your stomach generates less acid, which is necessary for B12 absorption. As a result, approximately one in every 31 persons over the age of 50 has a deficiency.

Adults Older Than 50 Are Also At Risk

Because B12 is a water-soluble vitamin, your body absorbs only a limited quantity and excretes the remainder through urine.

Difficult To Overdo Vitamin B12

A blood test is the only way to find out your vitamin B12 levels. You can schedule one with your primary care physician or GP.

Blood Test

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