Increase Your Energy With These Foods

Lack of carbohydrates can sap energy, thus specialists don't recommend the keto diet for health.

Pass On Keto

Your blood glucose levels and energy level depend on the carbs you eat. High GI foods provide a fast energy boost, whereas low GI foods provide longer-lasting energy.

No Ordinary Carb

Unlike refined carbs like white bread and many breakfast cereals, oats have a low GI and release sugars slowly.

Porridge Power

Fruit and vegetables should make up one third of your plate. Never underestimate the ability of fruits and vegetables to promote vitality.

Put All The Produce In

Vitamin C helps fight weariness in several ways. It helps your body absorb anaemia-protective iron from your diet and regulates energy release.

High In Vitamin C

Tuna (or chicken, prawns, or Quorn) is high in protein. To reduce afternoon energy dip, eat protein during lunch.

Tuna For Lunch

Standard potatoes have a high glycemic index (GI), thus they digest quickly, raising and lowering blood sugar and insulin. Sweet potatoes have a lower GI, delivering more consistent energy.

Sweet Potatoes

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