Seven Easy Methods To Break Routine

Why not start your day an hour early if your employer allows it?Getting up early will make you feel good (if you go to bed earlier) and provide you more evening leisure.

Work Flexible Hours

Many of us love our heated power showers, but a chilly one can be pleasant.A cold shower may enhance your immune system, according to research.

Cold Shower

This may be difficult at first, but you'll get it. An strange but fun one!Brushing your teeth with your non-dominant hand is a cheap way to change up your routine.

Brush Your Teeth With Another Hand

People often get bored or miserable during their commutes.Many must endure it, so why not lighten the blow by altering your route each day?

Alternate Your Work Path

A morning coffee (or two) is common.Eliminating the fix will improve your health and change the day.

Get Rid Of Caffeine

Going offline for a bit can reset your daily routine, even if it seems impossible.A day without social media may renew your viewpoint.

Break From Social Media

It is thought that frowning requires more muscles than smiling.Smile at someone while passing to brighten their day and yours.

Smile At Strangers

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