Seven Foods To Increase Your Immunity And Wellbeing

Heat weakens the carrot's cell walls, allowing more beta carotene to be absorbed, which aids the body's production of vitamin A.

Tuck Into A daily Carrot

Did you know that 6oz (175g) sliced red or green peppers provide nearly three times more vitamin C than an orange? Vitamin C is essential for keeping a healthy immune system.

Pile Up The Peppers

According to research, consuming garlic may help minimize your risk of getting the common cold. Freshly crushed garlic bulbs contain allicin, a health-boosting active component that fights germs.

Go With Garlic

Another vegetable that packs more vitamin C than citrus fruit, kale is also a magnificent producer of vitamin A (from beta carotene) and other immune-boosting antioxidants, including vitamin E.

Eat Kale

Tuna is high in the antioxidant selenium, which many people do not get enough of in their diets.

Fine Tuna

Sardines can also improve your immune system. They, like tuna, contain selenium, as well as a smorgasbord of other minerals such as vitamin B12, iron, and vitamin D, which help to boost immune system.

Try Canned Sardines

Mushrooms are a good source of selenium and B vitamins, so they can strengthen your immune system in addition to green, red, and orange vegetables.


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