The Best Stomach Pain Remedies

The body needs water to breakdown and absorb nutrients from food and drink. Dehydration makes digestion harder and increases the risk of an upset stomach.

Drink Water

Antioxidants in cinnamon may aid digestion and prevent digestive tract inflammation. Other cinnamon compounds may relieve gas, bloating, and cramping.


Basil tastes great and reduces gas, increases appetite, relieves cramps, and improves digestion. It's anti-inflammatory too.


Figs include laxatives that relieve constipation and improve bowel motions. They also include indigestion-relieving chemicals.


Mint's menthol helps with indigestion, gas, and diarrhea as well as breath refreshing. Raw and cooked mint leaves are delicious in drinks and cuisine.


Diarrhea and stomachache are common before your menstruation. Take ibuprofen 12–24 hours before your period to relieve cramps.

Ibuprofen For Cramping

Plain rice helps many stomach ailments. Wait a few hours before carefully eating half a cup of plain, well-cooked rice if you're vomiting or having diarrhea.


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