Fast Growing Coffee Chain To Open 40+ Locations This Year

You may have trouble finding a coffee shop that isn't owned by Starbucks or Dunkin' in the US. In other areas, that may change as a regional rival plans significant development for 2024.

PJ's Coffee of New Orleans, a Southern business with a few East Coast and Midwest outlets, is a fast-growing competitor. In honor of its Louisiana roots, it sells coffees, lattes, frozen drinks, energy drinks, sandwiches, and pastries, including fresh beignets.

PJ's established 28 stores last year in Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Texas, Alabama, South Carolina, Iowa, Florida, and New Jersey, according to a website blog post. The post said it would "outshine 2023" by adding over 40 more sites this year.

These dozens of planned openings will accelerate PJ's recent rapid expansion. After launching its 175th site in Pensacola, Fla., this August, the chain doubled its unit count in 18 months.

Customers who like coffee have also started flooding PJ's stores. QSR Magazine stated in December 2023 that November customer visits were 91.6% greater than in 2019.

In the blog post, PJ's credited its recent success to its exceptional goods and its franchisees' local community involvement.

"As we head into 2024, we eagerly anticipate more milestones, partnerships, and the continued growth of our brand as a beacon of quality coffee and community engagement," said the article.

PJ's isn't the only major coffee chain expanding. Dutch Bros. Coffee, which opened 159 locations in 2023, aims to open 150–165 more in 2024. Since the corporation concluded 2023 with 831 sites, 2024 openings could bring it closer to 1,000.

Starbucks also seeks to strengthen its global dominance. The chain announced 17,000 shop openings by 2030 in November 2023. Starbucks also plans to expand to 55,000 outlets worldwide, up from 38,000 today.

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