The Calories In Costco's Food Court's New Turkey Sandwich Are Shocking

After photographs and descriptions of a new food court sandwich surfaced on social media earlier this month, Costco consumers were excited. A recent Instagram video confirms the rumors.

Instagram user @whats_in_your_cart posted a photo of Costco's new turkey and Swiss sandwich at the warehouse club's food court yesterday.

This sandwich has sliced oven-roasted turkey breast, Swiss cheese, sun-dried tomato spread, mayo, and mustard, as shown in the video. It was tasty!

The sun-dried tomato spread added taste. Good choice for $6.99!" said the poster.The new turkey sandwich would be the second new sandwich at Costco in recent years, following last year's roast beef sandwich, which was heavily criticized for its $9.99 price.

The turkey sandwich is cheaper than its controversial predecessor, but it's already being criticized.Many social media users were surprised by the sandwich's calorie count.

"900 cals for a small sandwich though?" asked one.How is that sandwich 900 calories? "Is this possible?" wrote another.Under the new item's sign, a disclaimer says the 2,000-calorie diet is for "general nutrition advice."

It says "calorie needs vary" as "additional nutrition information is available upon request." According to this dietary criteria, the new food court sandwich has 45% of a day's calories.

Other Instagram users disliked the sandwich's pricing."$7!?!? One Instagram user suggested eating all the sandwich ingredients for less and feeding the adolescent and family.

Another said, "It was just a regular sandwich, nothing special and not worth $10." A Denver warehouse sells the meal for $9.99.

Costco's food court has sold turkey sandwiches before. The warehouse club discontinued its hot turkey and provolone sandwich during the epidemic. Oven-browned turkey, provolone cheese, red onion, tomatoes, and basil garlic mayonnaise on a toasted torta bun.

After the food court's roast beef sandwich disappeared, shoppers talked about the turkey and Swiss sandwich. In October 2023, a supposed Costco staffer announced on Reddit that the sandwich will be leaving the food court due to pressure over its $9.99 price and other issues.

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