The Last Unexplored Places On Earth

The Andaman Archipelago between Myanmar and Indonesia in the Indian Ocean contains this island. It's inhabited but has never been visited.

North Sentinel Island 

Though Brazil controls most of the Amazon Basin, nine countries share 5,500,000 sq km (2,100,000 sq mi). Today, much of the Amazon Rainforest is undiscovered.

Amazon Rainforest

These glacial lakes have not been studied in millions of years. Antarctica has over 400 subglacial lakes.

Antarctic Subglacial lakes

Locals revere this peak because they believe Lord Shiva lives there. No one is authorized to climb its summit.

Machapuchare, Nepal

This remote Greenland island may be the world's most northerly point (definition disputed).

Greenland's Oodaaq

You must see these massive granite formations in Venezuela. One of South America's remaining untouched regions, they're not simply inaccessible and hard to climb.

Tepuis, Venezuela 

The world's deepest oceanic trench located off Japan. The length and width are 2,550 km (1584 mi) and 69 km (43 mi).

Mariana Trench, Pacific Ocean 

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