The Most Effective Techniques To Relieve A Headache

Drink Water

Dehydration can cause headaches. Keep a bottle of water handy in summer and year-round.

Himalayan Salt

It tastes bad, but if your headache is caused by a shortage of mineral salts, this salt mixed with water works.

Darkness And Silence

If you have a headache, lie down in a dark, quiet room and breathe deeply. Stay for 15 minutes to see improvement.

Massage The Sore

By massaging the tension area, you may feel better. Gentle massage with a few drops of oil is recommended.


Taking medicine is quick and straightforward. We must add that long-term paracetamol or ibuprofen use without medical advice is not advised.

Avoid Sitting Out

Don't ignore a headache. Whatever remedy you chose, apply it immediately because headaches rarely go away on their own.

Coffee Reduces Migraines

You may think this strange, because caffeine tends to cause dehydration, yet coffee can assist with headaches.

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