The Pinnacles Are One Of The World's Strangest Landforms

The Nambung National Park in Western Australia has massive white sand coastal dunes that look like flour.

Nambung National Park

The Pinnacles—thousands of strange limestone formations that rise from the beach like petrified fingers—define Nambung National Park.

Pinnacles Desert

The pillars originated 25,000 to 30,000 years ago when Indian Ocean coastal winds scoured the sand.

Formed By Erosion

Some formations are taller than wide and resemble columns, hence the name "Pinnacles."

Different Formations

The elements have fashioned certain columns like witches' hats.

Witches' Hat

The Pinnacles' limestone came from seashells from a marine-rich epoch.

Raw Material

The Pinnacles resemble a petrified forest, therefore some hypotheses propose they were formed by buried tree casts.

Buried Trees?

However, the prevailing idea is that when it rained, some of the calcium carbonate in the shell-sand seeped into the earth and hardened, slowly forming the Pinnacles.

Rain Water

When calcrete (sedimentary rock) caps are tougher than limestone, pinnacles with mushroom-like crowns form.

Mushroom Caps

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