These Grocery Items You Should Never Buy

Nothing beats pouring handmade pesto into pasta, combining it with fluffy gnocchi, or drizzling it over a fresh tomato salad.


Many store-bought pasta sauces, especially tomato sauce, contain sugar and salt to decrease acidity. Luckily, making your own is easy.

Tomato Sauce

Use vegetable scraps for stock to reduce food waste and avoid salty stock cubes.

A Vegetable Stock

Baked beans are appreciated worldwide, but canned beans are salty and sugary. Making your own yields a tastier, more complicated dish.

Baked Beans

Chilli oil is great on pizza, spaghetti, and salad and should be in everyone's kitchen. There are several infused oils at the grocery, but there's nothing like making your own to suit your tastes or as a present.

Chili Oil

Despite its healthy morning label, store-bought granola is very sweet. Making your own granola at home is easier and lets you manage the ingredients.


Like granola, ready-made energy bars are sugary, so bake your own. You can effortlessly add your favorite dried fruit, nuts, and seeds to recipes.

Power Bars

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