Things To Do Before 8 A.M. To Improve Life

When you go hours without water overnight, you wake up dehydrated. Drinking one to two glasses of water when you wake up is optimal for your health.

Drink Water

Relax and calm the brain with 10 minutes of meditation. This can improve your creativity, contemplation, and self-awareness.


Try journaling for a few minutes if you have problems calming down. Journaling mimics meditation.

Keep A Journal

Exercise can improve your morning routine. The brain releases endorphins during exercise. The compounds lessen pain, discomfort, and stress hormones.


Morning sunshine signals your body to get up and start the day. Light inhibits melatonin production.

Get Some Sun

Drink your morning coffee or tea at home. This will save you money and boost your alertness before leaving. People feel less drowsy in the morning with caffeine.

Drink Coffee At Home

Breakfast eaters are less likely to be obese and less hungry throughout the day. Food fuels your body.

Healthy Breakfast

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