Top Characteristics Of A Healthy Family

In healthy families, parents model empathy, self-control, and appropriate emotional responses for their children. The kids' job is to learn.

Emotional And Physical Boundaries

Everyone can have an opinion, even if grownups decide. All family members should appreciate and allow polite opinions.

family Member As An Opinionated Individual

All households have rules, but inconsistent or age-inappropriate ones cause mayhem.Children are still learning, therefore caregivers shouldn't demand the same from them as adults.

Norms And Expectations

Everyone cares about others' health in an age-appropriate way.Parents care for children emotionally, not vice versa. Other family members also consider their needs.

Correctly Meeting Everyone's Needs

Healthy families make learning, growing, and making errors safe for children and family members.They accept mistakes and know they won't endanger them.

Family Members Feel Secure

Family members know we're all learning and evolving. Conflict is resolved safely.Healthy families use mistakes to learn and progress, not shame each other.

Expecting And Forgiving Mistakes

Healthy families gladly thank each other and encourage each other throughout tough times.These families hug and shake and demonstrate their love.

Encouragement And Affection

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