Unvegetarian Foods You Didn't Expect

Even though it seems vegetarian, French onion soup is traditionally cooked with beef broth.

French Onion Soup

Many fat-free variants include gelatin, which is obtained from various animal body parts, to help keep texture.

Nonfat Yogurt 

At least one dead female wasp makes figs non-vegetarian. A natural aspect of fruit pollination. An enzyme breaks down the insect into protein, so no components are within.


Marshmallows contain gelatin. However, people who do not want to give up s'mores can find gelatin-free versions.

The Marshmallow

Some include fat to make it more buttery, so ask your eatery and check the container.


Fries are vegetarian, however many establishments fry them in animal fat. McDonald's has been sued for it. Other countries have veggie fries from the chain.

French Fries 

Charred animal bones whiten sugar for several industries. However, many companies provide vegan solutions. Just Google and pick a trusted brand.

White Sugar 

Many beer and wine brands, especially British ones, use isinglass, a gelatin obtained from a specific freshwater fish.

Wine And Beer 

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