What The Virgo Full Moon Means For You

The full moon is at 7:30 am EST on February 24, 2024. It's called the snow moon because it coincides with the Northern Hemisphere's biggest snowfall.

Snow Moon

This month's full moon is in Virgo. A "micromoon," one of the smallest full moons, is here.

Full Moon In Virgo

This full moon illuminates your everyday tasks, Aries. You deserve recognition for your work.


Over this lunation, Cancer, you'll want to learn and communicate better. Also, contract negotiations may be finished now.


Libra, release, release, under this full moon. Introspection helps you process deep emotions.


This full moon makes Capricorn yearn to travel. Maybe you're going on a major trip or just want something new.


This month's Taurus full moon activates creativity, passion, and pleasure, making it exciting and seductive.


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