Your Birth Year's Top Vacation Locations

Washington, D.C. attracts tourists, but Barack Obama became president in January 2009. Approximately 1.8 million individuals attended the inauguration.

2009: Washington, D.C

The Caribbean island nation's capital provides everything for tourists. Saint John's popularity stems from its expensive shops and lovely scenery.

2008: Saint John's, Antigua and Barbuda

In 2007, Mardi Gras was extraordinary. Two years after Hurricane Katrina, people wanted to party and celebrate life!

2007: New Orleans, Louisiana

Why travel far when Malibu is just a short drive from LA? Surfers and tourists frequent it.

2006: Malibu, California

Around 2005, this lovely Adriatic city became a tourist destination. Famous for its history and beauty, Dubrovnik remains popular.

2005: Dubrovnik, Croatia

Foreign F1 fans attended the 2001 Monaco Grand Prix, which drew tourists from around the world.

2001: Monte Carlo, Monaco

'The Beach' featuring Leonardo DiCaprio helped Southeast Asia's backpacking boom. The movie, released two years previously, brought numerous tourists to Bangkok and beyond.

2002: Bangkok, Thailand

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