About gth & Associates

gth & Associates is an executive search firm specializing in California and Nevada commercial construction. CEO Glen Higgins. is a native of Southern California.

teamImageWe have earned our reputation by working with California Construction Leaders and top construction talent confidentially and respectfully since 1984. We take people’s careers seriously and work hard not to waste the time of the client nor the candidate. It is our goal to be the best at identifying, qualifying and delivering top construction talent to our client companies. The focus of the company has always been people. gth & Associates believes if you work hard for the clients and the candidates best interests, both will be well served. Integrity is our foundation and we will protect your reputation while building long-term relationships and repeat business. It has always been our policy for our client companies to assume all placement fees and expenses.

Why consider gth & Associates?  Hopefully, you want to associate with an organization that understands your needs and the California Construction Job Market.  We have created lasting relationships with top construction companies in California.  We offer exposure to positions within these companies that are not advertised.  We only place talent where it is the best fit for them and the construction company.  We help people make decisions.  Let us help you. If you or your company is striving for the best, we hope you consider gth & Associates as a long-term partner in your quest for excellence.

Glen Higgins – Owner & CEO

Glen has over 30 years experience working with Southern California Commercial Construction Industry. Glen believes in always telling the truth and you will never have to remember what you said. Be direct, honest is the best way to help people. Helping Clients and or Candidates with needs is the fun part. Creating relationships with both is the best part of doing what I do

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