Candidate Tips



  1. A list of jobs will never adequately substitute for a resume.
  2. List employment chronology with specific dates.
  3. List specific projects and results.
  4. List achievements, honors and awards.
  5. Include types and numbers of personnel supervised.
  6. Note professional and personal goals.
  7. Indicate special, personal or family considerations.


candidate interview tips


  1. Always have your resume professionally typed and presentable.
  2. If in doubt about how to dress, wear business attire and dress nicer than you normally do. Make sure clothes are clean and outfit is pressed.
  3. If appropriate bring along any photos and diagrams that support your specific work.
  4. Look up the company’s web site prior to the interview.
  5. Come prepared with 10 specific questions you would like to have answered about the company, other than money or benefits.
  6. Be prepared to tell the interviewer how you have grown and contributed to the company you are currently with.
  7. Always do a once over of your outfit right before you go in for the interview. Even inspect your shoes for mud.


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