Project Manager – Hollywood

Job Description:
We are currently looking to fill the positions of a Project Manager in Hollywood, working on a retail project.

Company Profile:
An award winning and nationally ranked industry leader. Their foundation is rooted in our people and their commitment to quality, integrity and responsiveness to their clients’ needs.

This company has a strong reputation in the state of California, as well as throughout the United States, and their company name has been synonymous with quality professional construction services.

Project Manager Responsibilities:
Responsible for the safe completion of his or her projects within budget, on schedule, to the company’s quality standards, and to the customer’s satisfaction. lt is his or her responsibility to initiate required action to achieve these objectives and to ensure that all project activities are consistent with contract documents and the company policy. The project manager’s duties will vary as required to support the project superintendent and other personnel assigned to the project. The project manager’s first responsibility is to support the effectiveness of the Superintendent and the project staff. Generally, the project manager will concentrate on long term planning, scheduling, and the identification and resolution of possible “roadblocks” and “pitfalls” prior to having an impact on the project. The manager is also responsible for ensuring that all logistical support is completed in a timely manner so that the Superintendent can concentrate on the daily and weekly direction of the company’s resources and coordination of subcontractors.


Posted: February 12th, 2018 by gth & Associates
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