New Transition

Good morning everyone.  I wanted to update you with the news that I’m back with my former company gth & Associates.  I am excited about this new transition and welcome the opportunity to work with you.

I see a growing need in recruiting, to help candidates in their career decisions and choices.  This includes considering a possible change with a new opportunity and a new company, as well as the possibility of staying with a current employer while at the same time working through any current issues that might exist with them.  My philosophy is to help with these very difficult career choices, keeping in mind the best solutions are always the ones that place a candidate that wants a specific company, with a company that also wants that specific candidate.   It is always about the perfect match between candidate and company, and that is what I strive to help make happen each time I have the opportunity.

If I can be of assistance, let’s talk.

Glen T Higgins
Office – 818.280.4440
Email – [email protected]