How to Tell a Job You Have Another Offer

How to Tell a Job You Have Another Offer

Receiving multiple job offers can be an exciting but challenging situation to navigate.

When you have another job offer in hand, but you’re still in the process with another company, it’s essential to handle the situation with professionalism and transparency.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to effectively communicate with a job offer when you have another offer on the table, ensuring that you maintain positive relationships and make informed decisions about your career path.

1. Evaluate Your Options:

Before reaching out to the job offer you’re still in the process with, take the time to evaluate your options carefully.

Consider factors such as salary, benefits, company culture, growth opportunities, and job responsibilities for each offer. Think about which role aligns best with your career goals, values, and long-term aspirations.

2. Be Honest and Transparent:

When communicating with the job offer you’re still considering, honesty is key. Be transparent about your situation and let them know that you have received another offer.

Assure them that you’re genuinely interested in their position and would like to make an informed decision. Transparency builds trust and demonstrates your professionalism.

3. Express Gratitude:

Start your message by expressing gratitude for the job offer and the opportunity to be considered for the position.

Thank the hiring manager or recruiter for their time, effort, and consideration throughout the interview process. Expressing gratitude sets a positive tone for the conversation and shows appreciation for the opportunity.

4. Provide a Timeline:

Provide a timeline for when you need to make a decision about the other job offer. Let the hiring manager know the deadline for accepting the offer and when you plan to make your final decision.

Being clear about your timeline helps manage expectations and allows the company to plan accordingly.

5. Ask for More Time, If Needed:

If the deadline for accepting the other job offer is imminent and you need more time to consider your options, don’t hesitate to ask for an extension.

Politely explain your situation and request additional time to make an informed decision. Most employers understand that job seekers may need extra time to weigh their options and will accommodate reasonable requests.

6. Seek Clarification, if Necessary:

If you have any outstanding questions or concerns about the job offer, take this opportunity to seek clarification. Ask about any details regarding the role, benefits, company policies, or expectations that are unclear to you.

Clearing up any uncertainties will help you make an informed decision and ensure that you’re fully informed about the opportunity.

7. Keep Lines of Communication Open:

Maintain open lines of communication throughout the process, and be responsive to any inquiries or requests from the hiring manager or recruiter. Promptly respond to emails or phone calls and provide updates as needed.

Clear and timely communication demonstrates your professionalism and commitment to the opportunity.

Sample Email Template:

Subject: Appreciation for Job Offer and Request for Extension

Dear [Hiring Manager/Recruiter],

I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for extending the job offer for the [Position Title] role at [Company Name]. I am genuinely excited about the opportunity to potentially join your team.

However, I wanted to update you on my current situation. I have recently received another job offer and am currently in the process of evaluating my options. I believe it’s essential to make an informed decision and ensure that I choose the best fit for my skills and career goals.

I wanted to request an extension on the deadline for accepting your offer. The deadline for the other job offer is [mention the deadline], and I would appreciate additional time to carefully consider both opportunities.

I want to assure you that I remain very interested in the [Position Title] role at [Company Name] and am committed to making a decision as soon as possible.

If possible, I would also appreciate any additional information or clarification you can provide about the role or the company. I want to ensure that I have all the necessary information to make an informed decision.

Thank you again for considering me for this opportunity. I look forward to hearing from you soon and hopefully, to the possibility of joining your team.

Warm regards,

[Your Name]


Communicating with a job offer when you have another offer on the table requires honesty, transparency, and professionalism.

By expressing gratitude, providing a timeline, and seeking clarification if necessary, you can effectively navigate the situation and make an informed decision about your career path.

Remember to keep lines of communication open and maintain a positive and respectful demeanor throughout the process.





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